2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab

Purchase Information or Services

This vehicle is being sold as-is and has not been serviced prior to being offered for sale. It may require mechanical and/or cosmetic reconditioning depending on the buyer's individual preferences.  Because of this, the price has been significantly discounted from suggested retail value. There are multiple detailed reports, photos and videos available for purchase to help you make an educated decision. Information sent by e-mail within 12 hours or less.

VIN: 5TBDT44106S542071  Miles: 90,502

24-hr. Non-Refundable Reserve: This $500.00 reserve removes the vehicle from inventory and gives you 24 hours to complete paperwork digitally. Only do this if you are 100 percent sure you are purchasing this vehicle.

Inspection Report: These are performed at a 3rd party service facility. At a minimum, it will highlight brake depths, tire measurements, fluid condition and point out maintenance needs. 

Undercarriage Photos: This extensive photo collection showcases what the undercarriage looks like.

Flaw Video: This video showcases all cosmetic flaws seen by a Shifted employee both on the exterior and interior.

Drive Video: This video shows the vehicle being driven up to 70 mph. You will see and hear how the vehicle performs while driving. 

Cold Start Video: This video shows what comes out of the exhaust on a cold start and also what the engine sounds like.

Paint Meter Photos: These photos showcase the paint thickness on metal panels only. Large spikes in paint meter depth can indicate new paint outside of the manufactures original paint.  Original VIN tag photos are also included if the vehicle has them visible.

Extra Photos: An additional 50+ photos are here going throughout the exterior and interior of the vehicle.


Make: 4WD, Toyota